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Birthday Invitations: How to Create Them Online

It's the modern age! No longer are birthday invitations limited to what you can find in a bricks-and-mortar store. Even dedicated greeting card stores that may seem to have a good selection of birthday invitations can't even come close to what's available on the Internet. And much of it is free. In this article, we'll talk about how to create custom birthday invitations via the Internet. Since there are many web sites where you can create birthday invitations, the discussion here will focus on the generic steps needed to create birthday invitations online. We'll use the greeting card site as an example.

The first step is to find an Internet greeting card site you can use to design your birthday invitations. This is more or less a personal choice and depends somewhat on your computer expertise. Some sites are easier to use than others to make online birthday invitations, so test-drive a few before committing to one. Most sites will ask you to register. This is a simple matter of filling out a short online form. You're often asked for your email address and many sites will send you a follow-up email to complete the registration process. The point of all this, however, is that the site will also send you emails in the future, so don't be surprised if you register for a couple of sites and junk mail starts piling up. This isn't a huge issue because you can always use the blocking feature in your email software to prevent these emails from appearing in your inbox. On the other hand, if you send a lot of e-cards like birthday invitations, it might be fun to find out about the latest and greatest online greeting cards available.

Once you've settled on a web site where you'll create your birthday invitations, be sure you having all your information ready to go - like date, time, etc. Then go to the site and begin designing your card. There's usually a clearly marked button or icon that you click to get started., for example, has a bright green button labeled "Create An Invitation." On most greeting card sites, if you're making birthday invitations, you'll need to first select a design. On, you'll see a split panel that has a list of designs on the left and some actual card images on the right. When you choose a design from the left panel, the right panel populates with images from the category you select. If a design seems hard to see, there's a button you can click to enlarge it.

Once you select a design from among a generous choice of birthday invitations, it's time to fill in the details. Most sites will give you a simple form to fill out specifying date, time, etc. On, you can even type in up to a 3000-character message, so your birthday invitations will be truly unique. Once the card is done, you'll need to create a guest list to send it to, so have everyone's current email address on hand. Most Internet greeting card sites are very forgiving and easy to use. If you miss a step or forget to do something, you won't be able to go on to the next step until you correct it. On, there are only three basic steps, choose a design, enter details and enter guests. Regardless of what site you choose, the last step in the process is to send the invitation via email. One click and you're done!

So, once your birthday invitations are sent, how do you keep track of the details of the party? Well, some sites like have tools to help you manage the party planning and RSVP process. For example, you can set a feature to notify you when somebody replies to the birthday invitations or you can add last-minute guests to the list.

Online invitations are a hip and modern way to let guests know about a special event. By using a dedicated e-greeting card site with good functionality, you'll be able to design eye-catching and clever invitations that are sure to elicit a positive response from the people you invite.

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