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Designing Birthday Invitations for a Great Party

Do you have a birthday coming up that you'd like to be a very special occasion? A great party invitation can help make a birthday a memorable event for everyone involved. Birthday invitations are an excellent way to prepare for a party and let everyone know about it in advance. Birthday invitations can act not only as a reminder of the party, but as a way to build excitement before the party even begins.

Start planning your birthday party a couple of months in advance for the best results. When you have decided on a theme for the birthday you can begin designing your invitation around that theme. Or, for that matter, design a theme for the invitation and then design the party around that! A great theme for your invitation will get people excited about the party and more people will end up coming. When you have designed your birthday invitation, you will probably want to send it out a couple of weeks before the actual event, just to give people the time they need to pick up gifts and set some time aside to attend.

The more formal the occasion, the more formal the invitation should be. With a more formal event, you should also specify what the guests should wear and whether or not gifts are being given so as to avoid any kind of confusion or embarrassing situations. The other details to include are of course the time of the event, where the event will take place, and whose birthday is being celebrated. If you need to know how many people are planning on attending, be sure to ask that guests RSVP.

When you design the birthday invitations and come up with a theme, try to consider what the person celebrating the birthday would enjoy. Especially when it comes to younger children, this can get them involved in the event. Invite children to help design the birthday invitations and let them bring some of their creativity into play on the work. If a child works on the birthday invitations they may feel like they had a hand in it and the party will mean more for them. If you have time, you may want to do a scrapbook style invitation with a collage of pictures.

If this all sounds too time consuming or you don't really have any ideas of what to do, do some looking around online. There are plenty of sites that offer templates and full birthday invitations. If nothing else, you may get some ideas from these sites. The possibilities are really just about endless. If you don't mind spending some extra money, you might consider making some DVDs to go along with your birthday invitations. A DVD could have a short sort of preview for the party or a message from the birthday boy or girl.

You can make the birthday invitations as sophisticated as you want really. To get seriously into it, consider loading up some photo editing software and playing around with pictures to produce an interesting looking card.

If you're looking for an easy and free solution there are several online birthday invitations sites out there. Some of these sites include nice features such as an online RSVP system, and if you're trying to get each guest to bring something, these sites will often manage that for you automatically. Most of these sites also provide an easy to use selection of premade birthday invitations, but if possible you should probably put some time into creating customized birthday invitations.

Try to keep the card as appropriate to the event as possible so that guests know what to wear and what to bring. Accordingly, it might be a good idea to include the age of the birthday boy or girl, as this can be important especially if they are younger than 18 years old.

The right kind of birthday invitations can really get people excited about the party and encourage more people to show up. Not only that, but you can include the children and get them excited about it as well. Good birthday invitations allow everyone to know what to expect for the party, thereby making things go smoother for everyone involved. At the very least you can help everyone plan accordingly if you send out your birthday invitations a couple of weeks in advance.

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